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I thought it was an exhilarating read, a book that stretches the imagination. I have read it at least three times and could read it for hours on end. Simply fabulous!!!! 5 stars from me.

Ella, 11 years, Birmingham

It’s really good because you can’t put it down. You want to know what happens, and I don’t think that about many books.

Lachlan, 13 - His mother said: "I am, frankly, amazed he read anything without me bribing him!!"

Thank you for the talk and for signing my book. I could read it ten more times. I hope you liked our school and our stories. I wish one day you could come back. Please can you write a sequel of The Dream Dealer


It was very interesting knowing more about the characters and why you invented them and it was explained so clearly. I’m going to read it again


Thank you so much for coming and doing the talk, it was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. Getting my The Dream Dealer book signed was brilliant because I’ve never got my books signed before.


I don’t read much because I have dyslexia and it’s hard work. I wanted to know what happened next in The Dream Dealer so I kept reading. I liked the end because it was happy. I liked Finn and Delphi and Delphi’s mum. I think it would make a good book to read in class because there are so many things to talk about.

Charlotte, 12 years, Northampton

“Thank you for the lovely talk. You’re an inspiration to me. I hoped you liked our classroom and books. It was nice to meet you and I hope your next book will be as good as The Dream Dealer.”


The Dream Dealer is an unusual book and very different from any other that I have read because it is imaginative, creative and some parts are quite scary and sad. So I would recommend it for anyone older than 8 years of age.

Iona, 9 years, London

I thought that the Dream Dealer is a very well written book! It’s surely one of my favourites! It’s full of suspense, you never never know what will happen next……I would definitely describe it as a “captivating book”.

Charlotte, 11 years, London

I couldn’t stop reading this book and when I finished it I started reading it again! My favourite character is Delphi, because she was the only one nice to Finn.

Arianna, 9 years, London