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A stranger turns up at the school gates. But the Dream Dealer sells something far weirder and more wicked than just ice-creams. Who is he and what is that glowing in his jar…?

What starts as an ordinary school playground with ordinary teenage tensions, gangs and cliques, takes a sinister turn when a stranger parks his ice cream van outside the school gates. Nothing is the same again.

Twelve year-old Finn is a misfit at school and lonely at home. He is searching for his long-lost mother. In another part of town, hell-bent on his own mission, lives the charismatic Dream Dealer. Attractive but not quite human, his unusual origins remain a mystery. With his gormless side-kick Flake, he sets up his ice-cream van by the school. However, when the adults aren’t looking, it’s not ice creams he’s selling but Ice dreams!

Most of the kids fall for the Dream Dealer’s artful ways. Finn resists until it seems only the Dream Dealer can help him find his mum. As he finally accepts an ice dream he is faced with the choice of fulfilling his dream or saving the life of his enemy. His decision leads to consequences nobody could have guessed.