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Dear Author,
Thank you for your stunning book. It really brought a great pleasure to me and my friends. Reading it we wholly plunged into the world of poetic imagines that you had created. It wasn’t easy to read this story in English language for us. But we did it! Now we would like other readers in Russia can get acquainted with the Dream dealer, his escort and the children: ones of them followed temptation and gave their souls; and others who tried to resist evil. We decided to take part in creation of Russian version of your book. We would like to know if you are planing to write a sequel.

Liza, 13 years, Russia, khabarovsk

I have never come across anything like it. It is simple yet complicated, the plot is exceptional and fast moving. The characters were believable and I loved reading it.

Octavia, 13 years, Somerset

I was hooked by the time I had turned the first page. Anyone who dislikes this book is crazy and doesn’t know how to judge books properly.’

Emma-Jane, 10 years, Kuwait.

Wow!! Looking at the reviews of the book it sounds great and fantastic. I’m actually going to meet the author of The Dream Dealer on Tuesday next week – I am so excited. I just know it’s going to be amazing can’t wait to buy her book and get it signed!!!!!

Chloe, 13 years,

Keeps you in suspense throughout. Many wonderful characters with memorable messages on brotherhood, friendship, and childhood.

Aurelia, 13 years, London

I loved the Dream Dealer! It was a truly gripping book, full of suspense right until the end. It is filled with heroes and villains, and all the characters were vivid. I especially liked Finn.

Tom, 11 years, Newark, US

It was very exciting and clever, I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed the way Finn was described so clearly. He is so scruffy on the outside, but inside he had fantastic personality.

Max, 12 years, London

The Dream Dealer is one of the books that grasped my mind. I read it in one breath. My most lovely character was Finn. He was kind, responsive boy with a hard fate, who was ready to help people who were in trouble. He even tried to help dying Scorcher who had stolen his money and usually offended him. I would recommend this book to anyone from the age of 8.

Elena, 12 years, Russia, Khabarovsk

The whole book gets your imagination going. I felt like I wanted to be with or really be Delphi!

Alice, 10 years, Warwickshire

Great book. I read it in one day and didn’t put it down.

Jojo, 12 years, Sydney, Australia