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Children wait eagerly to get their books signed after one of author Marita Phillips' school talks

Children wait eagerly to get their books signed after one of author Marita Phillips’ school talks

“Marita’s visit and talk to the year 7 students was a great inspiration to them. I’ve never seen a year group so entranced by an author, and afterwards we had a huge amount of students clamouring to buy her book!”
Rachel Collins, Burford School

If you want to inspire your children to love books and to write their own stories then why not invite Marita to talk to them.
Marita generally speaks to groups of children between the ages of 9 and 13. The children are always fascinated to hear more about the story and the characters and many of them are keen to get reading before Marita has even left the building! She brings books to the event and she is always happy to sign them too.
Her talks are 40 minutes and she charges only travel expenses. Please contact us for more details.


Some quotes from children’s letters:

“Thank you for the lovely talk. You’re an inspiration to me. I hoped you liked our classroom and books. It was nice to meet you and I hope your next book will be as good as The Dream Dealer.” Zuha

“Thank you so much for coming and doing the talk, it was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. Getting my The Dream Dealer book signed was brilliant because I’ve never got my books signed before.” Ethan

“It was very interesting knowing more about the characters and why you invented them and it was explained so clearly. I’m going to read it again.” Jacob

“Thank you for the talk and for signing my book. I could read it ten more times. I hope you liked our school and our storys. I wish one day you could come back. Please can you write a sequel of The Dream Dealer.” Grace

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