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Kids’ Comments

I just want to say this book was amazing!!!! I especially liked when Finn and Delphi realised they were twins! I think the novel was so detailed and thrilling that I couldn’t put it down! That book is now my favorite most exciting book ever!

Martha, 9 years, London

I miss reading The Dream Dealer. I am sad that I can not read it anymore – it was really good.
My favourite part was….all of it!
But I really liked the mystery and way that it was told.

Billy, 10 years, Oxford

This book was simply mind-blowing! When I was reading the book I just felt like I was inside it. I could read it all day and all night!!!!! 100000000 stars!!!

Ellie, 11 years, Birmingham

I thought it was an exhilarating read, a book that stretches the imagination. I have read it at least three times and could read it for hours on end. Simply fabulous!!!! 5 stars from me.

Ella, 11 years, Birmingham

You always pick up a book thinking it’s going to be boring – but this wasn’t, you were in it, right from the beginning. It was then good all the way through, except for the end, which was FAB! It’s like a mystery book with fantasy as well. My favourite bit was the bit just before the end, when there was total havoc, which was brilliant! The ending is really cool, I liked this bit “Mother Nature knows that by living in harmony with her, that there can be eternal life.”

I just needed to know what colour the Dream Dealer’s eyes were!

Lily, 11 years, Gloucestershire

Wow!! Looking at the reviews of the book it sounds great and fantastic. I’m actually going to meet the author of The Dream Dealer on Tuesday next week – I am so excited. I just know it’s going to be amazing can’t wait to buy her book and get it signed!!!!!

Chloe, 13 years,

This book inspires and captures people of different ages. When you read it, you forget about everything – about time and about real life. When once I opened the first page of this gripping book, I couldn’t stop reading. The whole day I couldn’t get away from ‘The Dream Dealer’. The next day I told my friends about Finn’s life story. They wanted to read it. After reading they said that Marita Phillips’ book is wonderful. One of my friend cried while reading about the boy who had never seen his mum.

Sonya, 12 years, Russia

I was charmed by the Dream Dealer. It is really interesting, gripping and fascinating. When I read it, I was enchanted, because the story was written like a real story with a fantastic plot and vivid heroes. I recommend to read it, because everyone can meet such Dream Dealer in their lives. We should know how to resist him. I hope that a sequel will happen. I wish it!!!

Sveta, 11 years, Russia, Khabarovsk

I adore this book.

Alina, 8 years, Russia, Khabarovsk

The Dream Dealer is one of the books that grasped my mind. I read it in one breath. My most lovely character was Finn. He was kind, responsive boy with a hard fate, who was ready to help people who were in trouble. He even tried to help dying Scorcher who had stolen his money and usually offended him. I would recommend this book to anyone from the age of 8.

Elena, 12 years, Russia, Khabarovsk